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Hi I’m Sunshine (Kali)

Nickname: Kali
Sex: Male
Class: 1

Activities & Interest:

He loves to run and he is so fast and always wins in our orphanage from all kids in the race and he is weak in studies but we pray that God will guide him and bless him.


His biggest wish at this time is that he wants his uncle (Larry Schafer) to come to the orphanage and spend time with him and sing a song for them and give them sweets. God Bless him.

Biography & Background

Sunshine is a naughty boy but sweet really an obedient like his sister (Rebecca) and he has been with us for the last 2 years. His parents are so mean and heis father was addicted to heroine and beat all his kids very badly. His mother is a maid and works in Muslim houses and she lives about 2 hours away from us. Their parents do not love them and care for them and they try to sell their kids but thank God that we reached to them and help them.