Hi I’m Madiah

Age: 8
Sex: Female
Class: 4

Activities & Interest:

She wants to learn swimming and here nobody knows how to do it. She loves to read fairy tales and is very good in her studies.


Madiah wants to be like Sister Brenda James because she loves her voice and Madiah said that she will work and also be a Gospel singer like sister and I am so happy and glad that how much god has touched their heart.

Biography & Background

Madiah is the older sister of Neha, she is a very bright girl. Her father was a truck driver at a Vegetable Market and last year passed away in an accident because the truck was pulled and fell at a valley. Her mother is a maid and works in a home and Neha is the same as her sister and wants to study and take care of her mother. Her mother took her to us and told us the whole story and God put in our heart and we welcomed her.