Hi I’m Menahil

Age: 6
Sex: Female
Class: 1

Activities & Interest:

She loves to play with Animals but we don’t allow any kid to play with animals because some kids are allergic and she loves chocolates and soft toys.


She wants to serve Lord Jesus and she is praying. She has such an impact to others. She loves to worship and pray for others and has a very simple and blessed heart.

Biography & Background

Menahill has been with us for 15 months and we are very happy with her and we always pray for her and ask God to open some wonderful doors for her. Her mother and father were sweepers in Municipal Cooperation and they both fought with each other and one time the father broke the mothers arm and it was hard for Menahil and her mother to ask us to please take care of her daughter because I cannot live with this man and didn’t want to spoil the future of her daughter. We pray that Jesus show mercy upon her and bless her.