Hi I’m Shawn

Age: 10
Sex: Male
Class: 4

Activities & Interest:

His interest is in reading. He loves playing and Planting things though too.


He wants that when he grows up that god Bless him so he can start his own Orphanage on the same name which we have LTO (Little Treasure Orphanage) so he can help more kids and that’s so kind of him. He really loves all his fellow brothers and sisters. Pray for him.

Biography & Background

Shawn is a decent boy and very involved in Jesus Christ because his father was an old man and had more than 8 kids. His father served God when he was young and now he is no more in this world and Shawn wants to do like his father. God gave him a blessing of praying and we thank God for this kid and he is like an elder to the other kids, and very helpful in all work.