News & Updates

January 2017

Great news! We raised enough money to buy a piece of land and build a new home. Praise God! We cannot thank all the LTO supporters enough for their generous donations! This would not be possible without them. We hope to move into our new home by Spring 2017.


April 2016

Blessing My Friends,
I have good news to share with you all, that 10 kids win medal and award cups from school for being the best and shining students of the year!  I am so happy and thankful to Jesus for showing me this day and I am so proud on my little sweethearts!  3 years back they did not even knew how to write their names, but now they are growing and shining each day and Glorifying Jesus name in their school.  Look at their achievement, Praise God!












March 2015

Praise God!
Dear Friends I am very happy today because I have great news to share, that today was kid’s school result day and our 2 kids got #1st position and 3 kids got #2nd position and 5 kids got medals of #bright #student #of #the #year!!!!   It is all possible with their efforts and dedication and thanks for your prayers, love and support!

Violet John








October 2013

LTO Needs A Home!  We Need Your Help to Raise $7,000 for this great cause! The orphanage is currently renting a house in a Christian area, but it’s only temporary and won’t be available much longer. They desperately need their own home!
Please pray about how you can help us make this happen!
All Things Are Possible With Christ!

With Love
Violet & John, Brenda & Scott


December 2012

I am glad to inform you that our 3 Kids win Awards out of 500 students and there was 20 Awards but by the Grace and Guidance of God we win some and Glory to Jesus who bless these kids!!! Education is very important for their lives.

Violet John



May 2012

Brenda James wrote and recorded the song ‘Different Worlds’, after being touched and inspired by her new relationship with Violet and the children at LTO.
She made this YouTube video to go with it, which captures the story of how LTO began and how God unfolded things after Brenda started working
with them in April 2012.    Watch video here: