Hi I’m Javeria

Age: 7
Sex: Female
Class: 4

Activities & Interest:

She loves to play with dolls and study, now she is very good and involved in School. She is very happy and she is a great singer. She likes chocolates and helping clean.


She wants to be a Doctor in the future so she can help others free of cost and she is very brilliant. We have faith in the lord that he will help her and open doors for this little soul.

Biography & Background

Javeria has been living with us since 2010 and she is a flood affected victim who lost both of her valuable parents in the flood. While we visited the affected area, I saw Javeria and she was crying asking people to bring her parents because they were lost somewhere. Nobody would listen to her and I heard the voice of god say that I am Lord your god and I will never leave anyone alone. So we got her and now she is living with us and enjoying everyday with all kids. She has a big smile on her face all the time!