Hi I’m Awania

Age: 8
Sex: Female
Class: 3rd

Activities & Interest:

Awania is one of the brightest girls in our orphanage because she is very good in her studies as well as cooking. She is taller than a lot of the other girls but that doesn’t slow her down. She loves to play games with her follow friends and she wants to cook all the time!


She wants to be a Chef in the future and she helps me all the time and she is an expert in making rice and we all love her food she makes for us. We want her to do some courses to become a chef so when she is grown, she can cook for the orphanage and other children.

Biography & Background

We found Awania from Nawakot Village in 2009. Her parents left her because she was a girl. She belonged to a poor family but she was very honest and the people in her area criticized her saying she did not have any parents and she was garbage. People threw rocks at her and it really broke her heart but Jesus helped her and opened doors for her and snow she is with us and we are thankful to God.