Hi I’m Pamella

Age: 8
Sex: Female
Class: 2

Activities & Interest:

She plays with everyone at home and is very jolly. She is good in studies and her favorite color is pink. She lives to drawing and is so blessed.


Her biggest wish is to meet Jesus Christ and live with him and she wants to see the kingdom of God. She wants to see what Angels look like.

Biography & Background

Pamela is the elder sister of Tamar we found in the flood destruction area in Ravi Village. It was near the river and they were unconscious when we found them ad took them to the hospital. Jesus healed them and we told her that the flood took their parents from them but Jesus sent us for you and we will now take care of you and we are your parents. Now she is living with us and yes she misses their parents a lot and and talks to them by looking at the sky.