Hi I’m Junaid

Age: 8
Sex: Male
Class: 3

Activities & Interest:

He loves planting, reading, cricket, and basket ball. Little weak in studies but Jesus will open his mind and bless him with wisdom and use him for his glory.


His wish is that he wants to be a Civil Engineer so he can build all the roads and make them clean and in good condition. In Pakistan the roads are in bad condition and he wants to serve humanity and we believe that Jesus will listen his Children and bless their hearts. Pray for him.

Biography & Background

Junaid is 8 years old and his father is a heroine addict and and beat his mom badly, and sometimes beat him. He asked Junaid to bring Alcohol for him and one day killed Junaid’s mother. This left Junaid scared and alone. One day i saw a bright light at that dark sky right before bed, when I woke up the next day I went to Sheikpura Village for some work and the people of the village told me about his father and then I found out the purpose of my visit, God sent me here to the village to take care of him and bring him with me.