Hi I’m Bobby

Age: 8
Sex: Male
Class: 2nd

Activities & Interest:

Bobby likes to play cricket and he is quiet at home. He doesn’t talk to much at home but he loves to play games on the computer. He doesn’t get a chance to play to much because we only have one computer at home and he loves to worship Jesus.


He wants to be a singer and cricketer in the future because he loves both fields. We pray that the will of the lord should fulfill in his life and we pray that God bless him with endless happiness.

Biography & Background

He is Bobby and we adopted him from Sharakpur village, his father was a villager and didn’t support their family and hated Bobby. One time he gave poison to them in a food due to poverty but by the grace of God we saved them and now Bobby is living with us, and has been since 2009. We want a bright future for him, he is a really wonderful little guy.