Hi I’m Anmol

Age: 9
Sex: Female
Class: 3

Activities & Interest:

She loves to study, draw, and praise jesus. We are thankful to Jesus that now from week to week they are going to school and she loves chicken. Her favorite book in the Bible is Psalm.


She wants to be a Teacher in the future so she can help other children.

Biography & Background

Anmol is 9 years old and has been living with us for 2 years. She did know her parents because they handed her over to her Grandparents at birth. She lost her Grand Parents in the flood and she has no one in this world. But Jesus came to us to help her and he sent us to the Village of Chabeel from where we got her and this changed her life. It is only Jesus who cares because everyone in Pakistan who see’s an orphan kid have no respect because they are without parents but he (Jesus) still loves them and made them so intelligent and they’re lief shinning stars.