Hi I’m Ammie

Age: 12
Sex: Female
Class: 4

Activities & Interest:

She is good in studies as well in cooking and all children love her because she loves everyone and she always helps Sister Violet in everything. God Bless you.



When we asked her what is her wish. She said I wish that we have our own home so we can live freely there and play and worship freely and it really touched my heart.

Biography & Background

She is the oldest kid in LTO and she was our first gift from God and we got her too from the flooding area where the water destroyed a lot of families homes. Someone told us that many people were dying there and I went to the Ravi for helping people and I saw Ammie there in the water and she was floating down while she was passing by me. I hold her and and the water was so fast but Jesus blessed me with strength that we were able to save at least one soul and she is with us since the beginning.