About LTO



Gospel singer Violet John is running an Orphanage with 35 children, from ages 2 to 16 years old in LaHore, Pakistan. Her and her family have been raising these children in their home on their own, with only the help of private sponsors.  Currently they have 15 boys and 16 girls in their orphanage.  They are following the Lord Jesus and dedicating their life to this great work of God, they are trying their best to give these precious children a bright future like ordinary kids.

She started the orphanage in 2009 by the direction of Lord Jesus and wants to fulfill the mission which He gave her, as He has led her to each child in need.


Violets Vision – How she began this work

I was going to sleep on the bed, and I saw a light coming from the window in front of me. I then saw a mighty hand coming toward me, and I was so worried. I tried to open my eyes more to see the face from the light, but I did not see the face.However I did hear a voice, and I still remember the power of that voice. Jesus said to me, “I have chosen you and want to use you. Can you work for me?

I said that please tell me your name because I want to know that you are. And he smiled and said I am Jesus and on that time I seen his lips and I bent my knees before him and asked him I dont know it was you but I know now and I will go there where you take me and do work which you want me to do. He said that I want to use you for the children who are neglected by others, people hate them but I love them, and I will not leave them as an orphan. He said this work is very different and many problems will come, can you handle it? I said yes my Lord and I thank you for choosing me this work and the final words he said gives me great power that I am always with you and come to rescue ou when you are in a problem. Then he directed me and showed me a place , and the area. From there I followed him and in this way I got all of these little precious Angels.